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Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept as Future Urban SUV

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept - Front Angle, 2014, 1 of 14Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept - Front Angle, 2014, 2 of 14

The quietly revealed 2014 Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept will always be something worth to wait, especially if you are a huge fan of elegant and classy rides Mercedes-Benz produces. Even though it is still a Mercedes Benz concept car 2014, seeing the unveiled design for its exterior and interior surely can pump up your excitement and adrenaline. G-Code Concept is designed to be smaller than GLA-Class version, featuring the elegant coupe body kit with utility of SUV. It is made to be the future urban SUV concept in future, especially in Asian Market, targeting young Asian people.

Classy 2014 Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept Exterior

Looking at the exterior design for 2014 Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept, what do you notice most? Well, for us, it is the multi voltaic silver finish. Looking simply elegant and luxurious, this paint finish is brilliantly picked to suit the image of Mercedes-Benz flawlessly. In fact, this paint serves not only for aesthetic purpose. The R&D team smartly picks special material to make the exterior finish serves greatly as solar panel to power this car, thus making it as the Mercedes Benz concept cars with hybrid powertrain.

Now, draw your attention to the front grille. There, the famous trademark of Mercedes-Benz surely will never be unnoticed. The logo is fabulously designed with two chrome louvers which are used for the grille design currently. However, the 2014 Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept shows more sophisticated grille details by showing off different colors and effects for the installation of G-Code Concept’s operating mode. Different mode produces different hue. For example, soft blue one is seen when the car is resting. Other operating modes include all-electric HYBRID eDrive, HYBRID eco mode, and HYBRID sport mode. Each of them demonstrates different color effects, even with little stars to add drama.

Intriguing 2014 Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept Interior

The interior design for this concept car is brilliantly designed to show technological advancement of Mercedes-Benz. By docking your smartphone, this 2014 Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept thus can be activated and show various components popping out from their idle modes, moving to place based on which spot where you sit. It is just like a magic, isn’t it?

Observing the 2014 Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept interior more carefully, you will be greeted by elegant retro inspired nozzles placed at the center of dashboard. The nozzles serve as outlets to clean the incoming air. This air-conditioning system is brilliantly done through photosynthetic emissions. Below them is docking station for smartphone, serving as center console. This console displays various functions which are included to the phone. As you draw your attention to the cabin, you will find the classy luxury defined by carbon fiber, leather, and aluminum trims. The cabin also offers bucket seats featuring massage, heating, and cooling functions which surely can provide comfort for passengers.

Even though there is not comprehensive information regarding the drivetrain, it is mentioned that the front wheels are run by hydrogen engine. Meanwhile, the rear ones are run by electric motor. The different types of operating mode mentioned before also determine the distribution and work of those two engines. Lastly, since the 2014 Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept is still a prototype, there is no announcement regarding its price and release date; at least not until its finally released and no longer a concept car.

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