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SsangYong XIV-Adventure Concept: Great Journey in Style

For you who desire a great and enjoyable journey, the 2014 SsangYong XIV-Adventure Concept will be the perfect ride to opt for. This B-segment SUV will be officially released on its release date, which is the early 2015, along with the release of SsangYong XIV Air. Compared to other cars SsangYong has released before, the SsangYong XIV Concept here shows promising excellence and quality without losing the thrill of your adventurous life by providing the latest technologies for the useful features it offers.


Exciting 2014 SsangYong XIV-Adventure Concept Design

Just like what its name indicates, the 2014 SsangYong XIV-Adventure Concept incorporates the excitement of journey for you to escape from stressful routines of urban life. It leads you to travel to many places, leaving the crowded city behind. This concept is brilliantly applied to the exterior and body structure design of XIV Adventure, obviously seen on its tough bumper protector along with the roof rack and search light. Don’t you find this SUV design offers a great nest for camping under starry skies?

When you decide to ride with this 2014 SsangYong XIV-Adventure Concept, your world would be opened to a totally enjoyable journey with convenient features to keep your life easier. The interior of SsangYong XIV Adventure is designed with user-friendly devices and controls for useful features. For example, there is a smart digital air conditioning system to freshen up the passengers throughout the trip. This smart system is capable of adjusting the air conditioning by monitoring the temperature and humidity of outdoors continuously. As for front passenger and driver, the temperature is adjustable to suit their preferences. Sometimes, we have to face various weather conditions which may affect the comfort of our ride. Thus, the XIV Adventure is designed with ventilated seat for driver, along with front seats which are equipped with heater and power adjustment.

For your entertainment, the new audio system is included into 2014 SsangYong XIV-Adventure Concept design. This allows you to play music even from external audio devices by using USB/AUX port. Other way, you can use iPod connection to play your favorite tracks from your Apple mobile devices. A high definition LCD screen is also installed to show information clearly. For safer ride, you don’t need to pick up the phone in conventional way, since the Bluetooth hands-free is included as well. To share contents of your mobile phone, use the mirroring function available on audio system just by synching the devices.

2014 SsangYong XIV-Adventure Concept Engine and Safety

The 2014 SsangYong XIV-Adventure Concept is powered by great powertrain which is engineered brilliantly to produce the less CO2 emissions. The choice of engines for XIV Adventure is petrol engine or diesel one, both with 1.6 liters of displacement. To guarantee the lower CO2 emissions, both of them are matched with the choice of either automatic or manual transmission, which the latest is designed with Stop/Start system and electric power assisted steering.

Last but not least is safety system included into XIV Adventure design. The advanced technologies play a great role to build the safety equipment, such as the electronic stability program, hill start assist system, emergency stop signal, and high intensity discharge. Undoubtedly, seven airbags are also featured along with safety restraint system to prevent the passengers of 2014 SsangYong XIV-Adventure Concept thrown out from vehicle after accident.



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