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Toyota C-HR Concept will be the Next Futuristic Vehicle

Outstanding performance from the 2014 Toyota C-HR Concept is rumored as the next generation of hybrid car. Alternative energy conservation is very necessary for nowadays era. It is caused by the lack of oil for future. That is why Toyota develops alternative energy for better future. The energy alternative is in the shape of this Toyota C-HR Concept Car. Using new architectural design, the design of this vehicle is different from many other cars. It has sharp edge design which represents the futuristic concept from the car. Look at the front area of this vehicle. It is completed with the fantastic design which is going to make car look so aggressive.


Futuristic Design of 2014 Toyota C-HR Concept

Basic design from this car appears using crossover theme. It is more valuable than the other design of car. The high ground clearance can pass through any kinds of terrain. Besides that, the crossover vehicle is also completed with the efficient fuel consumption. Coming with two tone finish, this car is equipped with black layer of fender as the enhancer of this car’s appearance. 2014 Toyota C-HR Concept is also completed with the fascinating air scoop system. Huge dimension air scoop will make this car easy to catch the fresh air to cool the engine down.

Wheel set system appears differently from ordinary vehicle. It uses new rims design which also comes in two tone design. Besides that, the rims come in different technology. It has beautiful 3D design. You can see that the edge of the rims is popped out. Special tire is equipped as the new innovation design. It brings less fuel consumption because the theme from this car is for fuel efficiency. Amazing performance of the 2014 Toyota C-HR Concept is beyond other car can do. When it is launched for mass production, there will be the newest innovation from Toyota to make the superior car with sophisticated feature.

Rear area of this car is very interesting. It has sharp edgy design which is going to be the differentiation from many other cars. This crossover vehicle is almost similar like hatchback design. It has rounded back area which can be equipped as the boot area. There are a lot of air scoop which will be functioned for exhausting the heat from the car. Tail light design from this car is also designed using unusual idea. It is only equipped with the unique shape. LED light technology becomes the main idea in designing this car’s lighting. Fantastic design of 2014 Toyota C-HR Concept will make people feel so attracted with the fantastic idea from this stunning car idea.

2014 Toyota C-HR Concept is Full of Secret

Unfortunately, Toyota still keeps the data and specification about this car secret. Even the Toyota C-HR Concept Price is not available yet. You can only enjoy the exterior design of this car also. There is no released picture about the cabin interior design. Some of you may wonder about the amazingness from the car’s interior design. The ultra-futuristic design appears as the refreshment of the ordinary car. This 2014 Toyota C-HR Concept will be the next design of car in future.

Because this car is still concept design, Toyota does not give any special information about the release date of this car. They still develop this car to be better and more efficient performance and also the aftersales service of this futuristic and stunning 2014 Toyota C-HR Conceptcar design.

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